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Village Tour

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Village Tour in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most astounding and fascinating Himalayan countries in the world. This country is famous for its variable geography, natural beauty, diverse wildlife, unique ethnicities, and cultures. Nepal is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world and annually welcomes a humongous number of tourists. This huge number of visitors comes to Nepal in order to enjoy the completely rejuvenating touristic activities such as mountaineering, white water rafting, paragliding, trekking, jungle safari, bungee jumping, etc. But on the contrary to all of these factors, Village Tourism has been drawing a lot of eyes in the recent times.

Village tourism has been started in Nepal for quite a few years. This is a boon to everyone who loves to explore in details about the social, economic, and cultural aspects of people living in a specific area. In these sorts of tours, some villages which present the precise version of social, cultural, traditional, natural, floral, and faunal account of Nepal are carefully chosen. While in the next case, few villages are picked up on the basis of its ethnic authenticity and rare livelihood along with some endangered traditions and cultures. You are taken in one of such villages and will be living in the local people’s home instead of any guest houses. By living there, you will be sharing their kitchen along with the lifestyle. The foods you will be served will be completely authentic, healthy, hygienic and flavorful. The plus point of living with a host family instead of guesthouses is you can easily connect to their day-to-day life and stretch your hands in all activities of their daily life. Nepal is immensely known for its hospitality and people here treat guests like gods. They are very friendly and will easily establish a hearty relationship with you due to which you will not face any sorts of communicative problems. The villagers will continue their normal daily life and you can also enjoy the village environment and be a part of all of their daily rituals. Other than that, you will be introduced to each and every cultural celebrations and ethnic ceremonies of the villagers. You will also be taken to the tour of the entire village and provided the detailed account of the natural and biological diversity. At overall, Village Tour is the best way to access to the daily life of Nepalese people along with discovering its natural, floral, faunal, cultural, traditional, and ethnical treasuries.

Village tour can be easily performed in any time of the year. It has been really helpful for people who come to Nepal in order to explore its cultural and ethnical diversity. It provides a medium for the tourists to connect with the innocent villagers who have been living a simple life far from the technological world. If you are also looking forward to this amazing experience of living in a village environment, please contact Asian Heritage Tours and Travels.

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